Where does “420” come from? Find out with us!

It was 1971 at San Rafael High School in California. A group of five friends that called themselves the “Waldos” (because they hung out by a wall outside the school) had heard about and decided to look for an untended plot of cannabis plants in Point Reyes. The Waldos were athletes so they’d meet after practice at 4:20 near a statue on school grounds. Because they couldn’t talk about their afternoon expeditions or mention cannabis in school, the boys came up with a secret code – “420” – that came to mean anything cannabis related, whether that meant lighting up or heading out on an afternoon adventure to search for the fabled cannabis plot. Like many secret high school codes, that might have been the end of it, but an older brother of one of the Waldos was friends with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. The brother started using the term “420” and so did Lesh, Jerry Garcia and the rest the Grateful Dead band; the rest is history. “420” is now shorthand for the cannabis community and celebrating all things cannabis. And of course, 4/20 – April 20th – is the cannabis community’s holiday.

Celebrate Four Days of 420 at Harvest

April 19-22, 2017

Come celebrate with us! In honor of 420, Harvest will be running four days of specials on flower, edibles, concentrates, and Dream Steam and handing out a free giveaway (one per patient or caregiver) from April 19-22 at our Harvest of Tempe and Harvest of Scottsdale dispensaries. On Thursday April 20th, we’ll also offer on-site certification in Scottsdale and free food at both locations!

Visit four20countdown.com for more information and enter daily to win one of 20 FREE HALF-OUNCES!

Peace, health, and happy 420, everyone!



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