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Answered Prayer

Our daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of three. We have been on a dozen Rx medications with no success in stopping her seizure. I was skeptical about the CBD oil helping because she has one of the most difficult type of seizures to control. We started her on the Charlotte's Web CBD oil and the first four days she was seizure free...Amen!!! We will continue to dose her up until she stays seizure free. Praying the prices will come down for our sweet Pediatric families!!!

Thank you Harvest of Tempe for all your help and support...it is such a blessing!!!!!

Gwen Roberts

First time-er

Choosing Harvest as my first dispensary visit was the best I could have made. The staff was amazing, knowledgeable, friendly, and I'm definitely making Harvest my "go to" dispensary, regardless of the 18 mile drive I have to make from my house. WELL WORTH every mile. Thanks so much HARVEST!!,

Sally Kamper

Medical cannibis and Harvest of Tempe...new lease on life in so many ways

After losing a biologic drug I took for 13 years and had my RA in remission, insurance will ony cover some and my share is aroumd 3 to 4 thousand dollars a month. Ichoose not to use pain meds...Researched for months, finally deciding to try med cannibis. Visited Harvest of Tempe on July third of 2015. 4 months into treatment RA is so much better...no pain...finally getting sleep and my mental attitude has taken a huge hit for the better..A side effect and a welcome one is it is helping me deal the PTSD since childhood. Also other fringe bennefits I have received. The "family" of wonderful staff at Harvest are very knowledgable, but for me it is the compassion and love they treat everyone with. I am not just a prescription number...I am a person with pains others cant see and the staff understands that..Plus its really a bunch of fun, they all are so kind..Now to just get rid of the writer and painter block....Thanks Harvest of Tempe you saved my life,,,rindy carbis

chlorinda carbis (rindy)

love this place...I know you will edit this...fine by me

July 3rd 2015....my freedom from not only pain of RA....but huge PTSD problems since childhood...Ra is a lot more simple than ptsd.....but the luck was with me....one strain for inflamation....one strain for pain and sleep....Dude I'm good....I can now control the PTSD flashbacks.....good stuff man....a whole lifetime of emotional and physical pain under advisement....thank you Harvest...special kudos for David and Robyn?...I confided to her the "dump" and she still hugs me...David is amazing...peace love namaste rindy carbis....not ashamed of being on medical cannabis...A long fought for and totally justified relief such a great time at patient appreciation Saturday...shared stories and tips and had an awesome neck massage ...everyone was great as always...namaste rin

chlorinda carbis (rindy)

Couldn't have picked a better place!

I chose Harvest of Tempe for my first time experience with a dispensary. I can tell you I couldn't have picked a better place. The staff was great! I was nervous wreck when I went in. And more confident and knowledgeable when I left. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone, but especially first time patients who want or need a little extra. Thank you David!



Can not comment about harvest but what i can say is i have been a seizure pt for over 3 decades. Fairly controlled the last 10 years with 10 pill/2 drug combo. i can honestly say since the passing of MMJ i take 50% less pills that i have a hard time swallowing and digesting.


I Totally Love Tempe Harvest!

Tempe of Harvest is for sure a great dispensary for newbies! The staff is extremely helpful and they were very knowledgable. They make you feel welcome and take their time helping you! The store is very clean and professional looking. I I will 100% recommend this store to all who are eligible and for first timers for sure! Thanks Tempe Harvest!

Courtney F.

Fantastic staff!! Truly a blessing for me'n

Being new to MMJ, Harvest is the first and only dispensary I will go to. My initial visit was exceptional in the professional and knowledgeable staff. I was given educational materials, and my numerous questions were graciously answered! Every visit since has been equally fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend Harvest to anyone searching for a MMJ dispensary in the East Valley! You WON'T be disappointed! Go Harvest Rewards!!

Martha Doty

The Best

This is the best and only dispensary I would recommend. Clean, Professional, Friendly is the best way to describe Harvest of Tempe and it's staff.

Jon C

What a wonderful experience to visit harvest.

The people were extremely friendly, knowledgable and more than willing to answer any and all questions. I will recommend this dispensary to all eligible people.



I was very Impressed with the customer service, this Dispensary seems very professionally run great discounts as well.

Desmond Barry

What a GIFT!

What a gift you have given our family!!  Due to the support of staff and parents of other pediatric patients we were able to stop our son's seizures with CBD oil.  An added bonus, his tremors (just a few weeks after using CBD oil daily) began to go away and are now rarely seen and less severe.  This has been life saving and he never had to go on pharmaceuticals...We are humbled and ever so grateful!!

L & L Youngclaus

Fantastic Store

Just wanted to shout out that you guys are awesome, and you make my shopping so easy with knowledgeable people around every corner. It was a pleasure to meet your staff and get to know your menu and seeing such a wonderful set up. It just made shopping feel so much more secure and friendly and I really liked that.

Thank you!

Bob J

Bob Judd


Great staff very knowledgeable and really nice people.



Thanks for always being there, providing quality medicine.


1st visit.

Wonderful atmosphere and helpful staff, the free vape pen and .75g cartridge of hash oil was and still is excellent for convenience and powerful medicating.

Jon A.

You are truly a blessing!

Thank you so much for stepping in and helping out my daughters family.  You are truly a blessing!

Ron C.

Amazing and it's welcoming

I can go in and they want to help me like a real friend. They provide me with amazing treatment and it's welcoming.

James P.

First Experience of Harvest of Tempe

I had such a great 1st-time experience here! Each employee was super friendly and knowledgable.  I would definitely recommend going here to any AZ patient!

Kelli R.

Harvest of Tempe Rocks!

They have brought us parts of my grandson that we have never seen, he's been locked in that little body for so long...  This is the most amazing journey our family and friends have been on!  They have given us hope!

Doreen Q.

I love you guys...

and thank you so much for helping Zander! He is improving dramatically in such a short timeframe and it is because you made this an affordable option for us to try! I could not ever repay you for your generosity.

Jennifer W.
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