Harvesting Hope for Pediatric Epilepsy

When Jessica Crozier’s daughter Emma was two and half years old, she started having seizures. By the time she was nine, Emma was having four to seven seizures each day. She was on several medications, but they just weren’t working. Doctors suggested brain surgery to stop or at least reduce the seizures. Before they agreed to surgery, however, Jessica and her husband listened to friends and researched the possibility that medical cannabis might be able to help Emma, to reduce her seizures and improve her quality of life. Persuaded by the information they found, the Croziers visited Harvest of Tempe dispensary and had their first conversation with Dr. William Troutt, the dispensary’s medical director. That was three years ago. Since Emma started taking medical cannabis, her seizures have been drastically reduced, and she has been weaned off of her seizure medication. Her life is back on track. Because Emma’s transformation was so remarkable, Jessica, who was a teacher before staying home to care for her children, felt compelled to share the news. She became an active member of Harvesting Hope, and is now the organization’s Parent Liaison.

What is Harvesting Hope?

Harvesting Hope is a non-profit organization that helps Arizona children who suffer from pediatric epilepsy. Besides sponsoring children for the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona’s Camp Candlelight each summer, Harvesting Hope educates families on proper dosage and care; provides services such as support group meetings, educational lectures, and access to medical specialists; and grants monetary assistance to lessen families’ financial burden. To date, Harvesting Hope has positively affected the lives of over 100 children and their families.

Can Harvesting Hope Help Your Family?

If you or a loved one has a child who suffers from pediatric epilepsy that is not controlled by traditional medical protocols, if you seek support or would like to talk with parents facing the same challenges, Harvesting Hope may help. To read more about Harvesting Hope, visit the organization’s website: https://harvestinghope.com or their Facebook page. If you’d like to join the Facebook conversation, message the group administrator and explain your situation. The group is closed to the public, but is an active, safe place where families ask questions and talk about their experiences.

If you’re thinking about trying cannabis for your child and would like to talk with someone who has been there before, you can email Jessica Crozier, Emma’s mother and Harvesting Hope’s Parent Liaison. She will answer your questions not as a doctor, but as a fellow parent. If she cannot answer your questions, she will refer you to someone who can.

Monetary Assistance

If you’re treating your child with medical cannabis, but cannot afford the medicine, Harvesting Hope may help with that, too. Twice a year, the organization accepts applications and distributes monetary assistance based on financial need. The next application will be available in August.

Harvesting Hope’s most important message is “know you are not alone.” They’re committed to fighting pediatric epilepsy, and believe that together, we can forever change the lives of children and families struggling with this disease.

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