Harvest of Scottsdale’s Patient Appreciation Day 2017: Thank you to all!

As Harvest of Scottsdale passes six months of operation, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to expand Harvest’s mission out to a new area in order to reach a greater number of Arizona medical cannabis patients.  Getting to know the Scottsdale community has provided meaningful new insights and experiences that will allow us to continually enhance our ability to provide quality care to patients in Arizona, and across the nation as we follow the progress of medical cannabis.

We want to thank all of our patients, friends, local vendors, and artists who attended our Patient Appreciation Day at Harvest of Scottsdale dispensary this past Saturday. We value moments in which we can serve as a more immediate resource for patients to learn about new medical cannabis products and health ideas, as well as community causes who help make it possible for us to make our mission and aspirations a reality. Most importantly, our patients deserve recognition for their perseverance and outspokenness, as their enthusiasm pushes the success of medical cannabis in Arizona forward.

It was an honor and a joy to bring our diverse patient community together for a sunny afternoon of healing, education, music, and fun!  We look forward to future opportunities to make your experience as a Harvest Scottsdale dispensary patient truly special!

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