Harvest is coming to Pennsylvania!

Not only is Harvest expanding to serve patients all across Arizona, but our nationwide presence is continuing to grow, too!

We recently learned that Harvest’s application for a dispensary license for a Pennsylvania dispensary was approved by the state’s Department of Health, which under PA law means we’re authorized to operate not just one, but THREE new Harvest dispensaries!

Our first Pennsylvania dispensary will be located in the city of Reading. While we don’t yet know the exact locations of the next two dispensaries, we do know that our position in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania means that they’ll be located in or near the populous and competitive Philadelphia metro area.

The chance to operate in the state’s most competitive region allows our unique abilities as medical cannabis providers to shine brightest. When we’re up and running, we’ll be able to help countless  Pennsylvanians who live with chronic conditions, and who have waited a long time for the ability to treat their ailments with their choice of safe medicine. We hope that Pennsylvania patients’ successes in improving their quality of life with cannabis can inspire future expansion of safe cannabis access across the country.  So the next time you search for “dispensaries near me” in PA you will see a Harvest marijuana dispensary.

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