Interested in getting a Medical Marijuana Patient Card?

Here’s how to do it.

A qualifying patient with one of the debilitating medical conditions, will need to get a written certification from a physician whether it be a medical doctor, osteopath, naturopath, or homeopath, licensed to practice in Arizona. The written certification has to be on a form provided by the AZDHS (Arizona Department of Health Services) and must be submitted to the AZDHS within 90 days. After obtaining the written certification from the physician, the qualifying patient can apply online for a registry identification card (AZDHS will only accept applications submitted online or the physician may submit it for a small fee).After AZDHS receives a complete application, AZDHS will issue a registry identification card to the patient within 10 business days.

Note: A qualifying patient will need to have medical records in the last 12 months and a present an Arizona ID or passport. If the patient does NOT have medical records within the last 12 months, you must see a doctor and receive medical records. The average cost for a doctor is $45-$60.

The following are qualifying conditions:

  • Cancer, Glaucoma, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Hepatitis C, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that causes: Cachexia or wasting syndrome; Severe and chronic pain; Severe nausea; Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy; Severe or persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

The state fees are listed and include:

  •  $150 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card for a qualifying patient. Some qualifying patients may be eligible to pay $75 for initial and renewal cards if they currently participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  •   $200 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card for a designated caregiver. A caregiver must apply for a new card for every patient under their care (up to five patients).
  •   $10 to amend, change, or replace a registry identification card.

A qualifying patient or designated caregiver registered with ADHS will be able to obtain up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in a 14-day period from a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary.

There are no membership fees. Harvest is open to all qualifying patients.

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