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In honor of Harvest’s CBD Awareness Month, we thought we’d provide you with resources regarding the wide world of CBD’s positive health effects.

Although tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most well known cannabis compound, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has been increasingly getting more attention in the medical cannabis community, and even in mainstream medical circles, as pharmaceutical companies work to develop synthetic CBD analogues to recreate its benefits. Still, we in the medical cannabis community believe there’s no substitute for the real deal!

Medical cannabis patients all around the country can attest to CBD’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation, quell nausea, and reduce or eliminate seizures. CBD also has shown some promise in fighting bacteria and slowing malignant cell growth.

What’s more, CBD has the ability to offset THC’s psychoactive effects, allowing patients who are uncomfortable with cannabis’ signature “high” to benefit from the medicine without having to deal with its psychoactive effects. This has proven especially helpful for pediatric epileptic patients using high CBD strains to control seizures and improve their quality of life. Interestingly enough, CBD also helps to calm the anxiety some medical cannabis patients experience after taking a dose that contains higher levels of THC.

If you’re interested in reading a some of the studies that have been conducted on the potential benefits and efficacy of CBD as medicine, we’re happy to point you in the right direction. Check out the links we’ve attached below!

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The success of medical cannabis is not just due to the high-THC strains that cultivators have developed over the years; our attention to the many other active compounds produced by cannabis plants makes it possible for patients to find the best course of care for their specific needs.

The first thing to realize when turning to medical cannabis as a potential health solution is that every person is different, and therefore, every person will respond to cannabis in a slightly different way. Because of this, Harvest offers a wide range of cannabis products at our Tempe and Scottsdale dispensaries. Some of you prefer high-THC medicine; others feel best when taking balanced THC:CBD or CBD-only products. We’ve got you covered.

Have questions? We hope you’ll stop by and talk with one of our trained patient advisors. We’ll help you find the medical cannabis product that will alleviate your symptoms and make you feel better.

Happy CBD-Awareness Month!


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